Late Night Poutine spot

Many argue that Poutine is our national food. Who can say no to french fries covered with cheese curds and delicious gravy just hot enough to melt the cheese to a gooey perfection?

Over the past few years, poutine shops have popped up around town offering a delicious alternative for the late nighter (post bar, post pub, post exam, walk of shamer) who craves something beyond the standard fare.

Recently, during a stroll in happening Queen Street West, and a stone throw away from the  hip Drake Hotel, we decided to try Poutini’s (1112 Queen St. W  

The venue has become very popular with the late night crowd (open till 3:30am on the weekend) from the Drake, the Gladstone and the near by bars of Ossington Street and for good reason.  

p1Poutini’s offers a great selection of poutine, from “The Traditional” (fries, cheese curds and gravy) for about $6 and change for the Large size to“The Works” (fries, cheese curds, gravy, sour cream, bacon and chives!!!) for just a bit over $8 for the Large serving. There is even a vegan option so nobody can feel left out!

So, If you are in the neighborhood and feel a craving for something delicious that may fill you with national pride try Poutini’s.  Enjoy!

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It was a cold snowy winter evening in the city when the Gentlemen clan ventured out to F’Amelia (a smart play on words, mixing the street where the resto is located at 12 Amelia Street and the Italian word for family).

F’Amelia opened up in Cabbagetown in September 2011 and since then it has been pilling up accolades for authentic Italian fare.

Reservation was for 8pm on a Friday.  The place was packed as usual. It is rare that they can accommodate walk-ins so call in advance in order not to get disappointed.

The ambiance is cosy and comfortable.  The place, even though busy, didn’t feel loud and it truly has a Mediterranean feel to it. Our server was knowledgeable and very pleasant as was all the staff we encountered.

The menu has something to please every taste but of course being a true Italian eatery, the focus is on the handmade pastas and pizzas.

After starting the evening with some exciting cocktails (Fizzy Beetdown or  Quartiere Italiano for the more adventurous and an excellent gin and tonic for us that stick to the classics) we delved in to the menu.

The Menu offers the options for some entrees to be served as appetizer portions. It is a good idea if you can decide what to have.


For my appetizer I opted for the Saffron risotto with pan seared scallops, white shrimp and celery.  This decadent dish tasted as wonderful as it sounds.  The risotto had the perfect texture and the scallops and shrimp complimented each other wonderfully.  The hint of Saffron brought  everything together in a dish that made me almost regret I had this as an appetizer instead of the full portion. And then came the pizza and all was right again!!

Saffron Scallop Risotto

For my main course I picked the special pizza of the night. Perfect crust, caramelized onions, parma ham, fior di late mozzarella and topped with sundried tomatoes.  I will not say much about this dish because I don’t think I can say much more other than it was excellent! The crust, the onions, the tomatoes all cooked perfectly! Of course no Italian meal is complete without some Red Vino. F’Amelia has an extensive selection of wines and if you are not sure what would work with your meal selection, ask the staff. Our server was bang on.

Over the past year or so F’Amelia has appeared in many “best of..” lists for good reason.

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Best location for Terroni in Toronto? Have one?

With three locations in Toronto, the question is, “Is there a better location?”  I know I have my favorite!  Answer the poll below and share out to your friends.  Make sure to leave comments on your favorite below!!!!!

Check out Terroni’s website

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Hiro Sushi

Hiro Sushi

Hiro Sushi, located 171 King Street East in Toronto has been dubbed one of the most authentic sushi restaurants in the city.  Listening to the advice of a Hiro Sushi addict, it was time to see what all the buzz was about.

This was not one of the typical Gentlemen Who Dine dinners.  In attendance, Michael & Travis.

Trying to find Hiro isn’t the easiest as it is very unassuming from the outside.  A simple blue awning on the south side of King Street East marks the entrance.  Walking into the restaurant, you’re not wowed by the ordinary decor or the classical/jazz music playing in the background.  There’s a man standing behind a sushi bar, dressed in white, that’s Hiro.

The best advice, make sure you sit at the sushi bar and talk to Hiro.  Very friendly and will walk you through his creations.  Sitting at the sushi bar, you have a full view of the carefully chosen fish in cold drawers.  He holds up each piece like he’s a master butcher at your favorite steak house for you to choose.

We asked for Hiro to walk us through a cold sampling.  Need to go back and try the hot.

Starting out, sashimi salad, nice mix of salmon, tuna, shrimp, white fish, avocado and greens.

Sashimi Salad

“Salmon 3 Ways” showcased fresh, homemade gravlax and smoked salmon sushi.

Salmon Three Ways

Spicy scallop cones.

Spicy Scallop Cone

Hamachi (or Yellowtail) sushi.

Hamachi Yellowtail

Overall, Hiro Sushi is a great, authentic sushi restaurant, hidden in downtown Toronto.  Prices tend to be a little higher than the prices that people have been trained to expect.  However, having a sushi master chef prepare a tasting of fresh tasting dishes for you comes with a price.

Hiro Sushi WebsiteTripAdvisor

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